Jan. 11th, 2011

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"If i seriously want to give a message to people then i have to challenge my limits. I crossed them. The message won't reach if i don't " - Nissy

Watching him filming the scene in th church carpark when he is praying in the rain. Its winter and he is shivering but still manages to smile and wave at the camera. He then makes me laugh when he imitates 'Miss Scorpion' and makes a silly face and voice.

The film is better the second time around, at 4 hours long its a lot to take in at once but really i totally adore the Yu and Yoko love story. I particulalry like the scene at the beach before the heavies from zero church show up and they are just sitting on the sand together.

Seeing how Nissy acts on stage, in photoshoots and variety shows clearly highlights how good an actor he is in the role of 'Yu' in 'Love Exposure'. His expressions are just perfect, particulalry when he sees Yoko walk into the classroom, and then later when Koike shows up. His ability to just go insane and scream and fight and look as though he is going crazy, i wonder where this comes from, and wht he had to tap into to get to that. Watching the film, I really believe he is Yu.

I'm definitely keen to see more of his acting once the subtitles are done for 'tumbling'  and 'ghost world'

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