Feb. 23rd, 2011

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I started writing a story about a month ago, a small scene that sprung to mind like the start of a movie that I knew was the beginning of a very interesting story. It lingered for a bit, changed a few times like it too wasn't sure what it wanted to be yet. I knew it was a thriller, but there was more to it than that. At first I tried using some Korean actors I like, but they just didn't fit - miscast in this little drama. Its not an unusual situation for this to happen - so I let it be for a while, playing with AAA in my head until it all clicked into place.

and oh boy has it clicked into place - on Tuesday morning I was supposed to go to a talk that the company i work for puts on to tell us about upcoming projects. I never made it - I had to dash into work almost literally to get the basic ideas of the story written down - i was so excited!!!!

I wrote a scene at lunch today that also sprung to mind and I was writing some last night too.  I will be finishing the Hidaka scene soon.

I do have a problem though...

I want to share it but i don't want to have anyone take the idea either :( Its always such a  dilemma. I'm not yet sure that half way through it will turn into something i'll want to edit and carve into shape to submit anywhere .

any suggestions anyone?

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