Mar. 4th, 2011

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Episode 7
rather liking Yakumo's snappishness at Goto over the SD card and him being a nuisance kekeke. The whole business of the well freaks me out though cos of The Ring and Sadako *shivers*

Episode 8
I thought something was wrong with the episode when they repeated the first 3 mins of the drama >_< oops. *giggles* there was a bit that was getting freaky until it was ruined by a sound effect. SO funny, not scary >_< was that deliberate??? Not a bad episode really,saw more of the red eye so perhaps they too realised it wasn't as obvious as before.

Episode 9
ooh yay, scary doctors >_<;;;; Am fascinated by Shinjiro's nose. loving the one red eye, wish that could be real. looks cooool hehe

Episode 10
ACK! the opening was creepy >_<;;;; but hey i like it like that. seeing a small smile from Shinjiro ;)

Episode 11 - end
creepy kids in the back seats of cars. The dead attacking cars in a tunnel... nice ... very err.. nice.

I wasn't very satisfied by the ending though. The scary man with 2 red eyes never seemed to be resolved, nor Yakumo's feelings to the girl. Perhaps they intended to do more?

Not a bad series, but could have been creepier and more resolved at the end.

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