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Was doing a little research into rpg design etc and decided to make a check list of do and don't factors. They are in no particular order as its all about what i find as i trawl the net.
  • try to stay away from any mechanic that requires referencing a big important chart
  • design the mechanic around the game
  • Define your game in the text by what it IS and DOES, not by what it ISN'T and what it AVOIDS.
  • Don't leave major setting elements for later. If it's important to the game, put it in the guide
  • include a sample character
  • include at least one intro adventure
  • Don't describe something in the flavour text that cannot be duplicated according to the rules
  • test the system rules for loopholes and potential abuse of rules
  • Don't use terms before they've been defined. Don't introduce too much jargon at once.
  • avoid tired old cliche's that have been done a zillion times before, unless you are intending to use them for satirical reasons.
  • logical order and not scattered to the four winds

Make sure that  the reader has a solid idea of:

1) What the game's about
2) What the characters are like
3) What the archetypical example of the game is

there - i think that's enough food for though. of course, those things were aimed mostly at dice and point type RPG, but i think they can apply as a good guide for fic based rpg which is what VR is :)
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