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I know, I know, I have been absent for a bit. My bad. Or rather work related busy-ness that was inescapable. For most of March I was working 2 projects at the same time, one short one with a very tight deadline (the film is due out on 16th May) and the other the long term one I am the lead for (the cool Hollywood/Japanese one). Three weeks of getting home at past 10pm was exhausting and I've no idea how I managed. Anyway, that's all done with but the long term project is going to be heaps of work. In light of that I've decided to consolidate my random blogs all over the place to being here so I have one place to go and write stuff and that's that. I have a work blog and a film blog too but they stay separate as they have their own domain names. Expect much more variety in posts from now on (assuming i get a few minutes a day to blog of course)

Next week i have a film festival to go to which I'll be blogging about on my film blog ( but I will cross post the last film review with AAA community as its Himizu which has Nissy in.

Right now I am enjoying 'Tumbling' a lot and its made me go all weepy at some episodes. Its such a sweet drama! is where you can catch up with anything I am watching/have watched and do add me as a friend if you feel like joining there too! I'd love to compare and get recommendations :)

In other thoughts. I am dropping the very first domain name i ever bought. I never use it and its based off the catchphrase of a singer who i think is being a total jerk these days and has lost direction. I still love his older works, but I think creatively he is a little dried up. Sad thing is so many people worship him and allow him to dominate awards that talented others don't get noticed.

hmm what else... this evening i was 'aftershock' which is a Chinese film about the Tangshan earthquake of 1976. I cried a lot at the end.

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