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I am always very greedy with Murakami and his work. I often liken it to gorging myself on words ideas the same way I used to gorge on cake when I was at university. Hopefully though, Murakami will make me intellectually fatter and creatively stout rather than expanding my waistline! Sadly though, I've got one book left to read of his, not including his untranslated works of course,  I really think I will feel quite desolate without any new work (though I think one is being translated right now).  I expect i was get 'south of the border west of sun' next week on my kindle!.

I love the unusual angles he takes on ordinary things, how the unexpected happens to the least suspecting people, the surreal and abstract nature of events and their great coincidences and inexorable conclusion. I evangelise to everyone to hasn't heard of him to read his work; I buy his books as gifts because they really are things to treasure and explore.

Vivid pictures with simple words, and through it all there is music.


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I read this back in 2009 and would seriously recommend it as a very touching and painful portrait of the devastation of Hiroshima. The story centres mostly around the experiences of a Japanese family and their daughter Yasuke as the father transcribes his diaries of the days after the bomb dropped and the effects of radiation on himself, his daughter and the people around him. It feels unbelievable at times - the landscapes he walks through, the devastation - but frightening in a way a horror novel cannot be. simple language and almost calm descriptions of what he sees really hit home at how this affected them.

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and yay! my 2 new crochet books have arrived! One has patterns for 200 borders - i was desperate for this as borders are the ultimate professional touch right! and the second book was a stitch bible for crochet :) sooo many choices and they all look so lovely!

This was a shawl I made for my best friend Lynne :) Its made from silk wool which is gorgeous to work with but mega expensive! This kind is usually £12 a skein O_o but i picked up most of it at £3 a skein in the sales as its a discontinued colour.

I love the sales, I get very grabby and greedy and buy way more wool than I will use!

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I was browsing on Amazon and saw this book HERE which is now on my wish list! They had a few books too on Knitting a Kimono! But sadly none that can be crocheted - maybe thats the book I should write then huh! hehe.  I'll have lots of opportunity to go looking for material over the next month as.... I got the job I went for a few days ago and I start Monday. I need a new webcam, but after that... a sewing machine! Much as i like the idea of hand sewing something, i just know i will not have the right commitment for that, so a nice sewing machine and table will do me just nicely.  does some lovely fabrics, though I rather like to feel fabrics first before buying them. The do Genshodo cotton though and the designs are truly lovely. That the designer makes  such an effort to recreate Edo period patterns makes me want them! has a lovely range and do a pot luck of squares - because of course I want to do patchwork as well hehe. They do go to shows, but not ones in the south until Oct/Nov -_- booooo  hmmm.. possibilities , endless possibilities.

I think I'll get the book first though!

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SOUR '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)'

What can i say ... i LOVE things like this - its so creative and fun and well thought out :) I'd LOVE to do an MV for AAA!!


Jan. 21st, 2011 10:10 pm
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I want one. Plain and simple as that. I want a kimono. Not a bathrobe in oriental themed fabric, but a proper one. They are of course expensive, and the ones I see are really just not quite what I have in mind. This means that i need to design and make my own. I don't have a sewing machine and I will have to wait until I have a job before i can actually start to make this, but in the mean time i can design what I want and go looking at fabrics and sewing machines etc. I want to make Hanbok as well, but that's a post for another time.

This i guess is a nice classic simple design. Everyday wear? hmmm

I like this modern twist on it, but not very practical or demure ;)

Is this for a guy?

I love the embroidery on this!!!

I love cherry blossoms on everything! But for this i love the mix of light and dark.

Again with the cherry blossoms though nice to see it in red not pink

this might be the easiest part to make :/

Its hard to know what design to go for. On a basic level its all rectangles joined together, but i have a feeling that its more complex than that really. Each bit has its own name. anyway. when I am in London on Wednesday, I will have a peek round the fabric shops in soho. I know a lot of them carry the material used in cheongsams, but that's not what I am looking for really. I know I won't be able to get proper Japanese kimono fabric, so I will maybe use silks/cottons and things that are more fancy.

I'll make a small scale model of it in advance as well with any samples i can get too, which I am sure professionals do. I'm not a skinny gal, so i need to make sure I design it to flatter. Some materials are just wrong wrong wrong on a gal with a  big bust and squidgy butt hehe

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I don't know any Japanese at all really aside from a few words but its still easy to enjoy a show like this and watching the interraction between Nissy and Hidaka.

screen cap heavy! )
I think I would be this happy for that money too hehe. Nissy beat boxing was cool and Hidaka rappng - that goes without saying ^_^

Nissy might be a slender guy, but It could be all muscle!!!

Oing! How could he pull THIS face!!!! ommo!!!!

I love watching Nissy sing acapella. Love. Love. Love. <333333

Hidaka's expression here is priceless!

Nissy looks so cheeky in this cap - helped of course by Hidaka's glance at him kekeke

This of course is just FUN!

I thought this show was fun! I love the interraction between Nissy and Hidaka. You can tell from how relaxed they are with each other that they get on well. The beat boxing, the small glances and the football playing really do show they have fun together I think. 

I spotted two tells of Nissy's but I don't know if they mean he is embarrassed, extra amused, shy or nervous. One is:


now I do this myself, but its more of a happy teasing, when i made a bad joke or said something that could be embarrassing hehe. He usually sticks it out to the side afterwards.

The other is fiddling with his ear, something i do myself when i am thinking something through or am a bit nervous. Apparently its a sign of lying although in this case maybe its a tall tale he is telling? I wish I knew!!!


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episode 3
Not a spooky episode but a gripping one - the ending had me all O_O!!! It was a good filler episode with more background and intrigue, but i still can't quite get into Shinjiro's character Yakumo in this at all :/  Perhaps its the fact he is supposed to have one red eye but clearly does not is what the sticking point is. I think it would make it far more effective and unsettling to see that all the time, really mark the character as an outisder rather than just his serious attitude.

Episode 4
I like episodes like this, that solve one mystery and all it does is reveal yet another. I'm hoping the reveal is the point we start to connect with Yakumo better. Its cute they list him as Shinjiro from AAA in the credits, but also distracts from him actually being the character. There is more red eye in this, but its used for dramatic effect rather than something that the character can use and build on as part of his personality.

Episode 5
A little slower than the others but all for setting up things to come. A little more of the past has been revealed, a small teaser of what could be revealed later :) I'm hoping Yakumo cracks a smile at some oint in the whole thing XD

Episode 6
I think thats it for today, I am not finding the spooky bits a s scary as i want them to be cos its still light outside. I like to be in the right mood for ghostly happenings keke. I got my wish though - a little bit of a smile from Yakumo. Now i want a big one!! and a laugh too!
Shinjiro downplays the character a lot, maybe a little too much as it flattens the humour of his reactions. It still has me keen for more though!
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I am serioulsy obsessing over this ong right now. I found the singer's name and title written on a sheet of paper from 5 years ago and looked it up on youtube. Gah. i love this man's voice! Reminds me a little of Yoon Do Hyun at times. I SO have to have this album! Why is Bookoff Vancouver so far away??????

Perhaps I can get my sister to look for me! *plots*
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ok, the first 5 mins of episode 2 freaked me out like crazy. empty offices, moue pointer smoving phones ringing and the hands.. gah.. gave me shivers!!!

 ok, the subs make me giggle a bit too much. 'makoto, no wierdy happen?' reminds me of the time i was waching a poorly subbed k-drama with my friend and we fell out of chairs literally when they said 'cheers' but the subtitles said "f**k" bwahahhahahaa

This series is getting good!!! Though this episode didn't have much shinjiro!!!

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I've always been thrilled by ghost stories of any kind, so o have a nicely spooky (or potentially so series with shinjiro in is good find (thank yu AAA comm here on dreamwidth)

Ok, the subs are terrible, but as said on the comm, at least you get the gist of what goes on. the first file had some really creepy moments at the beginning, so much so i wished i hadnt satrted watching it at night :P bwahahaha

spooky olf houses with torn paper doors and ceepy ladies are NOT a good recipie for a nights sleep.

a plus point is that its 25 mins long so its easy to get an episode in before bed, and of course the major plus point is shinjiro with cool hair  and a red contact lens being all moody which is very unlike his normal personality. He has not cracked a smile yet! A lot of the shots of him make me thnk of a drawn manga.

was this based on a manga? I like the concept of the one red eye seeing the ghosts and despite his self isolation still helps people.
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"If i seriously want to give a message to people then i have to challenge my limits. I crossed them. The message won't reach if i don't " - Nissy

Watching him filming the scene in th church carpark when he is praying in the rain. Its winter and he is shivering but still manages to smile and wave at the camera. He then makes me laugh when he imitates 'Miss Scorpion' and makes a silly face and voice.

The film is better the second time around, at 4 hours long its a lot to take in at once but really i totally adore the Yu and Yoko love story. I particulalry like the scene at the beach before the heavies from zero church show up and they are just sitting on the sand together.

Seeing how Nissy acts on stage, in photoshoots and variety shows clearly highlights how good an actor he is in the role of 'Yu' in 'Love Exposure'. His expressions are just perfect, particulalry when he sees Yoko walk into the classroom, and then later when Koike shows up. His ability to just go insane and scream and fight and look as though he is going crazy, i wonder where this comes from, and wht he had to tap into to get to that. Watching the film, I really believe he is Yu.

I'm definitely keen to see more of his acting once the subtitles are done for 'tumbling'  and 'ghost world'
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I think i will always be extra fond of this film as this was the firts film i saw Nissy in and in turn led me AAA and the dreamwidth fandom here and on facebook. I had never heard of AAA before this film! I picked the film up at the film festival last summer (2010) based on a recommendadtion of the guy at the stall - so it was all quite random really.

I'm re-watching this now - mostly because my folks are out and its not really a film for parantalviewing. Last time i watched it in my room prayin' my mom wouldn't walk in during ..well.. most of it actually, but i am sure anyone who has seen the film knows which scenes i mean hehee.

I'm still half way through but anyway - i am watching the extras right now (which i hadn't done before) to see the behind the scenes of Nissy at work.

He is SO darned dedicated. there is a scene where he breaks a car window with bis elbow. Holy Wow does he really put some strength into it even though the glass doesn't break and its only when it REALLY hurts that actually stops. He also is talking in the van about how he injured his leg (cue a cut to him being piggy backed away at top speed injured) and how at the hospital they told him he shouldn't run cos he might snap his tendons as its cold and he hasnt had enough sleep.. he said he told them "shut Up" and then laughed.

"This story convinced me that love can do anything in this world" - Nissy

He really likes this kind of story he says but  my own main thought is that its actually a very bold and gutsy film to say you will do. it has so many elements that can 'shock' an audience as much as delight them. as a new AAA fan i have no idea what their image is supposed to be, normal or squeaky clean, nor do i know much about his own image with fans. Whatever it is, I am impressed with his choice of film and without doubt the level of acting skill he has.
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Sitting in the livingroom and watching Indiana Jones, its nice to be home. My luggage, which was on a longer holiday than i was thanks to Delta, arrived back and i was able to retrive all my AAA goodies (magazines) all nicely undamaged. I am having to disassemble magazines, simply because i don't have the room to store them all. I am doing this carefully with a pen knife and just need to get a presentation folder with wider pockets as the magazines are bigger than UK ones.

such lovely pics too... i will need to scan ;)
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after having got lost in a decidedly dodgy area of Vancouver I jumped on the bus to Stanley Park and then jumped off when i hit Howe street. Yup, you guessed it, i found myself in BookOff again. With the sale done i wasn't too hopeful of finding any AAA stuff, but just before i left i knocked against the sale section that in my half hour of browsing i managed to miss O_O. Lo and behold... 4 AAA CD singles!!!!!! 3 new and one second hand!! i was like wahhhhhh and spent the last of my money on them! They were only CA$2 each as well!!


the new ones are:

'Dragonfire' CD + DVD
'Kirei na Sora' CD + DVD
'Hallelujah' CD + DVD

second hand:

Music/Zero (Jacket C version)

I feel like i have a good start on my AAA collection now!
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Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket

Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

Photobucket    Photobucket  Photobucket

went back to bookoff and picked up soem magazines: junon decemebr 2006, feb 2007 and Japan Flix 2009 vol 5 which all had lots of lovely Nissy pics and the mags cos me only CA$2 each! i also found a AAA-Around which i have already, but picked it up in case any other fan needs one and i alos pounced on a Hot Chilli Paper which has an iljimae special with BOTH iljimaes in it, so i was awesomely happy hehe.

I'll scn in the pics in januray for the communtiy hen i get home and cn disassemble my magazines a bit better!

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I'm on holiday at the moment and am now in Canaa, Vancouver to be precise. I spent a little bit of time catching up on the AAA dreamwidth community postings which were wonderfully numerous so its great they are busy! While i was out shopping for lunch in the Japan centre on Robson the other day, i just couldn't resist asking where i could get japanese music CDs and the very nice guy at the countre`called Hide pointed me in the direction of a secondhand bookshop which i shall be going to investigate on Friday. i have no idea if i will have any luck at all, but its a bit of an easier trip than out to the big mall on the sky train.

wish me luck!

AA style

Nov. 12th, 2010 11:03 pm
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Well, I made a banner for the page - I'm making one for each member of AAA and will rotate on a random basis. Maybe I'll even make a gif for this, who knows...
its 11pm and I need to sleep, so I'll finish up tomorrow :)
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I have too many journals and blogs all over the place, a detritus of words and themes that need to be swept up and made into something a bit more worthy. Its hard to let go of blogs and places you once haunted, like abandoning a home you once loved but out grew. I am getting myself down to three places now.
  • One main blog for anything i write, hosted on my own server that i can back up and ensure all things are saved and safe.
  • Two twitter and tumblr that are linked to the main blog and auto post any public entries.
  • Three My dream diary which is not under this name nor will ever be.
  • Four Here, for my AAA and any other thoughts.
I am abandoning a slew of wordpress blogs I made and merging their entries with the main blog
I already abandoned my xanga years ago, just never deleted.
I am currently deleting the entries form my LJ which are on my main blog. I keep LJ just cos all my friends are there and too entrenched to move to here.

It might not seem to matter, but I feel like bits of me are spilled out all over the place right now.

The theme here is a bit dull right now, but in the next few weeks I'll be revamping it ... Attacking it *smirks*

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