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I was browsing on Amazon and saw this book HERE which is now on my wish list! They had a few books too on Knitting a Kimono! But sadly none that can be crocheted - maybe thats the book I should write then huh! hehe.  I'll have lots of opportunity to go looking for material over the next month as.... I got the job I went for a few days ago and I start Monday. I need a new webcam, but after that... a sewing machine! Much as i like the idea of hand sewing something, i just know i will not have the right commitment for that, so a nice sewing machine and table will do me just nicely.  does some lovely fabrics, though I rather like to feel fabrics first before buying them. The do Genshodo cotton though and the designs are truly lovely. That the designer makes  such an effort to recreate Edo period patterns makes me want them! has a lovely range and do a pot luck of squares - because of course I want to do patchwork as well hehe. They do go to shows, but not ones in the south until Oct/Nov -_- booooo  hmmm.. possibilities , endless possibilities.

I think I'll get the book first though!

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