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I am totally wiped out by this lurgy I picked up last week.
Started with a sore throat on Tuesday night and then feeling terrible all Wednesday, Thursday I needed a lumber for my nose which dripped every 5 minutes, Friday was still not great, no runny nose or sore throat but I can feel it in my sinuses. Its still there along with a dry cough which seems to be developing now that my nose has stopped running.


It feels like the eye of the storm, like the worst is yet to come.

I went to the cinema last night anyway though to see 'Tokyo Park' at the Japan Premiere Season at the Barbican. I got the tickets from a friend at work who couldn't make it and invited my Polish friend Karolina who I know from the Japanese language meet up. She is a big fan of Haruma Miura so was very excited to go see it.  It was a really good film, funny and sweet and one i recommend! It made us so hungry though as they ate such nice food in it. I really want a pork bun now and will have to fix that craving on Monday.

Anyway. I am going to go get a cup of tea and a mince pie.
Mince Pies are a good cure for colds right?

oh, and I had to de-friend a guy i knew from my uni days for making rape jokes on his facebook. Lovely.

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