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I am always very greedy with Murakami and his work. I often liken it to gorging myself on words ideas the same way I used to gorge on cake when I was at university. Hopefully though, Murakami will make me intellectually fatter and creatively stout rather than expanding my waistline! Sadly though, I've got one book left to read of his, not including his untranslated works of course,  I really think I will feel quite desolate without any new work (though I think one is being translated right now).  I expect i was get 'south of the border west of sun' next week on my kindle!.

I love the unusual angles he takes on ordinary things, how the unexpected happens to the least suspecting people, the surreal and abstract nature of events and their great coincidences and inexorable conclusion. I evangelise to everyone to hasn't heard of him to read his work; I buy his books as gifts because they really are things to treasure and explore.

Vivid pictures with simple words, and through it all there is music.


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