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episode 3
Not a spooky episode but a gripping one - the ending had me all O_O!!! It was a good filler episode with more background and intrigue, but i still can't quite get into Shinjiro's character Yakumo in this at all :/  Perhaps its the fact he is supposed to have one red eye but clearly does not is what the sticking point is. I think it would make it far more effective and unsettling to see that all the time, really mark the character as an outisder rather than just his serious attitude.

Episode 4
I like episodes like this, that solve one mystery and all it does is reveal yet another. I'm hoping the reveal is the point we start to connect with Yakumo better. Its cute they list him as Shinjiro from AAA in the credits, but also distracts from him actually being the character. There is more red eye in this, but its used for dramatic effect rather than something that the character can use and build on as part of his personality.

Episode 5
A little slower than the others but all for setting up things to come. A little more of the past has been revealed, a small teaser of what could be revealed later :) I'm hoping Yakumo cracks a smile at some oint in the whole thing XD

Episode 6
I think thats it for today, I am not finding the spooky bits a s scary as i want them to be cos its still light outside. I like to be in the right mood for ghostly happenings keke. I got my wish though - a little bit of a smile from Yakumo. Now i want a big one!! and a laugh too!
Shinjiro downplays the character a lot, maybe a little too much as it flattens the humour of his reactions. It still has me keen for more though!

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