saharial: Hidaka (Nissy blue star)
I don't know any Japanese at all really aside from a few words but its still easy to enjoy a show like this and watching the interraction between Nissy and Hidaka.

screen cap heavy! )
I think I would be this happy for that money too hehe. Nissy beat boxing was cool and Hidaka rappng - that goes without saying ^_^

Nissy might be a slender guy, but It could be all muscle!!!

Oing! How could he pull THIS face!!!! ommo!!!!

I love watching Nissy sing acapella. Love. Love. Love. <333333

Hidaka's expression here is priceless!

Nissy looks so cheeky in this cap - helped of course by Hidaka's glance at him kekeke

This of course is just FUN!

I thought this show was fun! I love the interraction between Nissy and Hidaka. You can tell from how relaxed they are with each other that they get on well. The beat boxing, the small glances and the football playing really do show they have fun together I think. 

I spotted two tells of Nissy's but I don't know if they mean he is embarrassed, extra amused, shy or nervous. One is:


now I do this myself, but its more of a happy teasing, when i made a bad joke or said something that could be embarrassing hehe. He usually sticks it out to the side afterwards.

The other is fiddling with his ear, something i do myself when i am thinking something through or am a bit nervous. Apparently its a sign of lying although in this case maybe its a tall tale he is telling? I wish I knew!!!


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