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I've heard a disturbing whisper on the net today that ShinJiro's next photobook is going to be a nude one and the concept is male prostitute...

I'm not really comfortable with this at all really. I don't know why because  I have no problem with nude photography at all, I think the human body is beautiful.  I liked the Shinhwa Wild! Photoshoot - though that was done before I became a fan so maybe that makes a difference.

I'm trying to work out why so here are some possible things that spring to mind...

  • Perhaps its because its one photobook of one guy all nude for however many pages. It feels gratuitous and voyeuristic.
  • Perhaps its because Shinjiro is quite slender and it might make him look too young :/
  • I don't know who the photographer is so I don't trust the angle taken .
  • The concept is demeaning, not just for Shinjiro but also for AAA
  • Perhaps because I like Shinjiro but am not attracted to him
*sigh* anyone else out there have any thoughts?


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Episode 7
rather liking Yakumo's snappishness at Goto over the SD card and him being a nuisance kekeke. The whole business of the well freaks me out though cos of The Ring and Sadako *shivers*

Episode 8
I thought something was wrong with the episode when they repeated the first 3 mins of the drama >_< oops. *giggles* there was a bit that was getting freaky until it was ruined by a sound effect. SO funny, not scary >_< was that deliberate??? Not a bad episode really,saw more of the red eye so perhaps they too realised it wasn't as obvious as before.

Episode 9
ooh yay, scary doctors >_<;;;; Am fascinated by Shinjiro's nose. loving the one red eye, wish that could be real. looks cooool hehe

Episode 10
ACK! the opening was creepy >_<;;;; but hey i like it like that. seeing a small smile from Shinjiro ;)

Episode 11 - end
creepy kids in the back seats of cars. The dead attacking cars in a tunnel... nice ... very err.. nice.

I wasn't very satisfied by the ending though. The scary man with 2 red eyes never seemed to be resolved, nor Yakumo's feelings to the girl. Perhaps they intended to do more?

Not a bad series, but could have been creepier and more resolved at the end.
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episode 3
Not a spooky episode but a gripping one - the ending had me all O_O!!! It was a good filler episode with more background and intrigue, but i still can't quite get into Shinjiro's character Yakumo in this at all :/  Perhaps its the fact he is supposed to have one red eye but clearly does not is what the sticking point is. I think it would make it far more effective and unsettling to see that all the time, really mark the character as an outisder rather than just his serious attitude.

Episode 4
I like episodes like this, that solve one mystery and all it does is reveal yet another. I'm hoping the reveal is the point we start to connect with Yakumo better. Its cute they list him as Shinjiro from AAA in the credits, but also distracts from him actually being the character. There is more red eye in this, but its used for dramatic effect rather than something that the character can use and build on as part of his personality.

Episode 5
A little slower than the others but all for setting up things to come. A little more of the past has been revealed, a small teaser of what could be revealed later :) I'm hoping Yakumo cracks a smile at some oint in the whole thing XD

Episode 6
I think thats it for today, I am not finding the spooky bits a s scary as i want them to be cos its still light outside. I like to be in the right mood for ghostly happenings keke. I got my wish though - a little bit of a smile from Yakumo. Now i want a big one!! and a laugh too!
Shinjiro downplays the character a lot, maybe a little too much as it flattens the humour of his reactions. It still has me keen for more though!
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ok, the first 5 mins of episode 2 freaked me out like crazy. empty offices, moue pointer smoving phones ringing and the hands.. gah.. gave me shivers!!!

 ok, the subs make me giggle a bit too much. 'makoto, no wierdy happen?' reminds me of the time i was waching a poorly subbed k-drama with my friend and we fell out of chairs literally when they said 'cheers' but the subtitles said "f**k" bwahahhahahaa

This series is getting good!!! Though this episode didn't have much shinjiro!!!

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I've always been thrilled by ghost stories of any kind, so o have a nicely spooky (or potentially so series with shinjiro in is good find (thank yu AAA comm here on dreamwidth)

Ok, the subs are terrible, but as said on the comm, at least you get the gist of what goes on. the first file had some really creepy moments at the beginning, so much so i wished i hadnt satrted watching it at night :P bwahahaha

spooky olf houses with torn paper doors and ceepy ladies are NOT a good recipie for a nights sleep.

a plus point is that its 25 mins long so its easy to get an episode in before bed, and of course the major plus point is shinjiro with cool hair  and a red contact lens being all moody which is very unlike his normal personality. He has not cracked a smile yet! A lot of the shots of him make me thnk of a drawn manga.

was this based on a manga? I like the concept of the one red eye seeing the ghosts and despite his self isolation still helps people.

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