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Sitting in the livingroom and watching Indiana Jones, its nice to be home. My luggage, which was on a longer holiday than i was thanks to Delta, arrived back and i was able to retrive all my AAA goodies (magazines) all nicely undamaged. I am having to disassemble magazines, simply because i don't have the room to store them all. I am doing this carefully with a pen knife and just need to get a presentation folder with wider pockets as the magazines are bigger than UK ones.

such lovely pics too... i will need to scan ;)
saharial: Hidaka (Nissy blue star)

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went back to bookoff and picked up soem magazines: junon decemebr 2006, feb 2007 and Japan Flix 2009 vol 5 which all had lots of lovely Nissy pics and the mags cos me only CA$2 each! i also found a AAA-Around which i have already, but picked it up in case any other fan needs one and i alos pounced on a Hot Chilli Paper which has an iljimae special with BOTH iljimaes in it, so i was awesomely happy hehe.

I'll scn in the pics in januray for the communtiy hen i get home and cn disassemble my magazines a bit better!

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