saharial: Hidaka (Shinjiro red)
I've always been thrilled by ghost stories of any kind, so o have a nicely spooky (or potentially so series with shinjiro in is good find (thank yu AAA comm here on dreamwidth)

Ok, the subs are terrible, but as said on the comm, at least you get the gist of what goes on. the first file had some really creepy moments at the beginning, so much so i wished i hadnt satrted watching it at night :P bwahahaha

spooky olf houses with torn paper doors and ceepy ladies are NOT a good recipie for a nights sleep.

a plus point is that its 25 mins long so its easy to get an episode in before bed, and of course the major plus point is shinjiro with cool hair  and a red contact lens being all moody which is very unlike his normal personality. He has not cracked a smile yet! A lot of the shots of him make me thnk of a drawn manga.

was this based on a manga? I like the concept of the one red eye seeing the ghosts and despite his self isolation still helps people.

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