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I've been working late a lot this week as we are now into the last month of Harry Potter 2d and its always during this time that extra bits and pieces for various scenes are needed. These bits always take the most time of course! I have a list of shots to work on and the one I had been working on before the e4xtra work is now due Monday so i might be late again tonight.

The weather is good though, which is always a blessing, but i am feeling a little under the weather and tired, but i think that's just the effect of a long week and watching 'silent Hill' before bed last night. On the train home yesterday a rather drunk lady in her late 40's threw up ten minutes after we left the station - YUK. the carriage smelled like a winery and people (myself included) got up and walked out to stand the rest of the journey in the small vestibules. I don't have a strong stomach for that kind of smell as it makes me want to vomit too, so I was breathing through my scarf and gulping fresh air from the window. Then realised this was the same lady I had seen fall over outside a food shop in the station. I thought at the time she had fainted but it seems like that was from being very very drunk.

I have a long list of things to do this weekend - comm stuff, scanning, finishing up reviews for a film book, watching some of the movies I bought that have now all arrived.

I also want to learn the Bavarian crochet stitch, but the book I bought didn't really have very clear instructions. Its a pretty cool stitch which means that I can blend colours nicely and it looks nice and complex. I should have bought the book on lacy knits, but i guess that will now wait until next  month.

I am supposed to make a scarf for my friend in NYC as she bought me a Kindle for Christmas and I wanted to make her  something unique and warm. She's not a very materialistic gal, her room is almost Spartan it has such little stuff. something i quite envy! I am selling books and putting them on my Kindle to reduce how much stuff I have as i feel like I am bursting at the scenes. I aim to tackle the garage in may as part of that project!

anyway - I best get on with my work now as its almost 9am. Just enough time to make some toast!!

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