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Last night was a bit of  a restless one. People have been writing so many lovely messages about it made me feel terrible and rather wakeful all night that i was closing it down, but in the end well wishers can't substitute for the contributions needed in news and running  cost so I am feeling its still the right decision. if this is how it hurts after 5 years i can't imagine what it would be like after more!.

I spent most of today wresting with the forum code on the new server space so that i can still access it and start to prune posts and reorganise it into a manageable archive. I just couldn't see the pages until i found one of the mods for the forum for the thank you posts was incompatible with this version and had to be turned off. oh well, can't save everything I guess as there is no update for it.

So i hope thats the last sunny day i waste sorting something like that out and making my eyes all tired and fuzzy. I even ate dinner at my desk to get it done so i can relax now  ^__^
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