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heard of a counter tenor?

I hadn't until yesterday when one got up to do a solo praise song at church.
counter tenor = male soprano = a lot of gobsmacked members of church wondering if they had the gender wrong of who they were looking at. I saw the girl who sat in front of me turn to her friend and say 'Namja?' (guy) and he nodded. The guy's voice was amazing but really, if you closed you eyes you'd think it was a woman singing. We have a lot of opera singers and musicians at the Korean church I go to, and usually all the opera singers have a bass or tenor range. so having a complete opposite was a shock!

I think though he knew what he was doing though as he looked awfully pleased with himself before and very smug afterwards.

As always I got mugged for sweets by the little kids before I'd even had my chapchae and BBQ beef, so had to tell them afterwards to which one of them replied "i don't mind having sweets before" hehe.

Went for coffee afterwards with the bible study group and it was really nice to just chill and relax and not worry about getting home too late. Today is a bank holiday so I could relax. I'll be off to see Titanic in 3D in an hour or so, perhaps a trip to the wool shop or Waterstones will get added in there too as I am going super early to beat the queue for ticket. Normally I wouldn't worry, but as I said - its a bank holiday so it might be busy and knowing what I know about 3D i need to get a seat in the sweet spot so i get the best and full effect!.

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