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Ok, well, the server is down at work so I have a few moments to catch up with all that's been going on here.

I was pretty much glued into the events in Japan since I came into work that Friday morning and discovered what had happened. I spent the week watching the news while at work and praying for the brave souls working on the reactor for the sake of the world (let's face it world... you owe them BIG time - even if the company they work for hasn't been honest all the time).

Of course the world media was disgusting as always and made a big fuss over the radiation and not enough over the humanitarian disaster that was happening and was far more urgent to deal with. The scaremongering got to the point where people wouldn't go near the area and to bring supplies and help those whose lives had been destroyed.

I gave money at the Japanese Centre when I went down there last week. It was easy to see some panic buying of favourite snacks had been going on too as some of the shelves were getting really empty! My favourite Korean restaurant is going to be holding a fundraiser too so I will go to that, but I wanted to do something more than just throw money at the disaster. I got involved doing this...

as I always have more wool than I need and that way too i feel i am doing something practical and meaningful too. I sent a whole 2 parcels of excess wool so the organiser can hand it over to the elderly ladies she cares for can help too (this made my mum happy too as she always says i have too much and frankly i hate seeing wool go to waste!)

I'll post a pic of my squares on 31st March when i take a batch to London stitch 'n Bitch - have done 4 so far - 1 pink, 1 orange, 1 pink and green striped and am working on the 4th still.. emerald green!

I'm going to pick up a book on learning Japanese enxt week, though also will be getting another Korean one as watching Korean dramas every day is improving my language bit by bit.

ps: i love when Nissy says any Japanese word that ends in  -mas  >_<;;;;

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